Some parts / notes from a presentation given for the NY Comics Symposium, mostly quotes from other people and things that I want to remember for later. Not intended as an essay or anything, just stuff for me to try to follow up with and flesh out later.

I mostly showed slides and talked for a while... (note to self, if I ever have to do this again I definitely need to script it.)

The original title of this was: Sweet Emergence.

some general ideas:


what does this mean to me as an atheist now? Q. Why did God make you? A. God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him for ever in heaven.

Dark Souls - Solaire

Utriusque Cosmi...Historia / History of the Two Worlds

light at the earth's center

"The perturbations attendant on creation had caused some of the celestial light to be trapped in the cold mass of the central earth. Obeying the law of gravity, this celestial substance began to rise towards its rightful place in the heavens, and it was thus that our sun was formed."

Microcosm - Macrocosm

"In the firmament the sun is the visible representation of the divine fire and of love. Its corresponding part in the human body is the heart, 'which emits vital rays (the veins) in a circle from the centre, and thus animates each individual limb.'"

Inner Sun

"I focused all of the movement by imagining a shaft of light coming into the bare stage. It gave me a specific direction with which to orient myself, illuminating each of the steps along the way. A world came to life under an imaginary sun. I could almost feel the warmth of its rays on my skin."

(in the following sections I basically summarized the plots of the movie Sweet Whip and the manga Metamorphosis which, in retrospect, was maybe not the best way to do this talk...)

Sweet Whip

A Strange Sweet Smell

"Who are you?"

Dr. Naoko Misaki

Terror with a guarantee of safety

"Who are you?" again...



None (she just wants friends.)



Fat Girl